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We develop new ideas in the lab for translation to the clinical setting

Short wave infrared (SWIR) imaging

Cinque Terre

We are part of a collaborative effort led by Prof Prabhas Moghe (BME) to develop new nanocomposite contrast agents for cancer diagnosis. Our lab is designing new imaging platforms to detect and study the emissions from these materials at the macro and microscopic scale. This research is funded by the NIH.

Computational endomicroscopy

Cinque Terre

We are partnering with Prof Waheed Bajwa (ECE) to bring together new ideas from the fields of optical endomicroscopy and compressed sensing. This project aims to design new minimally-invasive probes for in vivo optical biopsy. This research is funded by the NSF.

Advanced imaging cameras

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

We look for interesting ways to use advanced imaging cameras in biomedical applications.


Cinque Terre

We are working on several other projects which are in their initial phases and require more development to reach a publishable / fundable status. Students who are interested and motivated to help advance these projects should contact Prof. Pierce for more information on how to get involved.